How to be skillful in FIFA


Same team as before just a little different structure. First and most importantly this is a fun team of beginning players. Please don’t expect to join the team and win every game, we don’t. All we ask of our players is to play team ball. If you want to skill, do so. If you want to take long shots, do so. Just don’t get carried away. If you need a couple more things to reach an achievement just let everyone know and we will try to hook you up.

What we will not put up with is a assistant that tries to accomplishment from one end of the acreage to the other. We do not affliction if you are acceptable at skilling and can accomplishment from one end of the acreage to the added and even account a goal. It is not fun for your teammates to watch you play no amount how acceptable you are. Do not consistently alarm for the brawl from the bots if you are not in a acceptable position to accept the ball. Don’t be selfish.

I ask that you share positions, meaning if we have several strikers or cams on at the same time be willing to give up your position from game to game and let everyone get the chance to play where they really want to. Be willing to play a position you’re not comfortable with a match to let someone else have a chance at striker or cam.

All Positions are currently open, I made the mistake before of saving positions trying to be loyal to new recruits and hold the position they wanted, I can’t do that any longer. The team is there to use so if only a couple members are on and you want to play feel free, do not think you have to wait for “everyone” to be on. Must have a mic and be willing to be in a chat party. let me know here or on console if you need an invite.

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