Improve your defensive game in FIFA 15

Several players are accusatory that it is decidedly difficult to avert in FIFA 15 – and we agree. In part, this appears to be due to an blank by EA Sports in this breadth of the game. While the advancing mechanics were bigger with a added capricious dribbling arrangement and a greater akin of ascendancy over the ball, the defence arrangement seems to acquire gotten added unreliable. Consequently, it’s now added difficult to defend.Tactical Defense

With the shift to manual defence, EA Sports has forced a new defensive mentality from the players. This scheme – Tactical Defending – turned standing tackles into a manual action. Basically, you need to press the standing tackle button with the right timing. It was very demanding in terms of precision, and required a change in the mentality of players. It needed greater positional play relative to your opponent, more attention paid to passing lanes, and improved timing in the tackle. Players that don’t like this system can still change to the old one, dubbed “Legacy Defending” in the settings, but this will only apply to offline games, so the best thing is to get used to Tactical Defending if you ever want to venture online for a competitive match.

Master the controls

First of all, you must learn and master the defensive control schemes. With Square (PS) or X (Xbox), you can perform a sliding tackle. That can be very effective, but it’s also very dangerous. With Cross (PS) or A (Xbox), the defender will automatically assume a position of pressure in front of the ball carrier. The Circle (PS) or B (Xbox), has several available actions, which depend on the context – in front of the ball carrier, it will attempt to tackle the ball, while on the side or behind, it will either initiate a shirt pull, or attempt physical contact. All three are useful, but can also result in fouls if used carelessly. With L2 (PS) or LT (Xbox) players can contain an opponent, and here the defender is always facing the ball. Finally, the R1 (PS) or RB (Xbox) will let you call a second player to put pressure on the ball carrier.
Respect the game and the opponent

A player of FIFA 15 coins, or any other football game, is always far more concerned with attacking than defending. The defence is just a transitional phase between attacks, and therefore players tend to try to steal the ball as quickly as possible. But this will not work in FIFA 15. Both in the higher difficulties when playing against the AI, but especially against online opponents, you must learn to respect the flow of the game. You must learn to respect and accept this reality, and realise that at times it is necessary to focus all your efforts on defending, and controlling your opponent as they attempt to attack.

Tactics and Strategy

Get to apperceive your team. Its weaknesses and strengths, and analyze them to those of your opponent. Imagine you accept a 3 brilliant aggregation and you are arena adjoin a 5 brilliant team. It would not be astute to play with two strikers up front, back this will leave your midfield unprotected. If you don’t accept abundant aplomb in your defenders and midfielders, try added bourgeois approach and strategies. Play added arresting midfielders and try to accomplishment fast counterattacks. And even if you are the one with a 5 brilliant team, don’t anticipate you can play recklessly. A adequate midfield is capital for any team, and it is the alpha of a acceptable defence.

Patience and pressure

These are two essential rules for any self-respecting defensive players in FIFA 15. Run recklessly onto the ball carrier, and your are practically extending a red carpet for a goal. As it is now very easy to circumvent defences with slight changes of direction when attacking, you will need patience in order to contain an attack. Try to stop the progress of the opponent, holding them about a meter away. This will give you some security and allow for time to react. On the other hand, try to help and pressure take pressure away from a colleague.

If you press R1 (PS) or RB (Xbox), you will be asking for an AI companion to press the ball carrier. This can be a great help if used correctly, but can also result in disaster if used in the wrong situation. By requesting a second player, you will be leaving another opponent unmarked, and this can be dangerous. The situation can be even more serious if the AI decides to use a central defender as the second man, which would leave the opposition striker available to run at goal. More than in any other FIFA, this is a useful tool, but needs to be used properly and carefully.

Final whistle

Defending in FIFA 15 can be a frustrating experience, but with time and determination you can master it. It will require discipline, patience, attention and practice. But, eventually, defending will stop being a boring or frustrating part of the game, and instead it will become a challenging, exciting and rewarding element of FIFA 15. Just like it is in the beautiful game.


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