Style of Play :Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo:
Position: Left Attacking Winger/Striker

Cristiano Ronaldo is a tall, muscular, physical, powerful, atomic and lightning quick winger/striker who, to all intents and purposes, can be authentic as the absolute athlete. Injuries rarely occurs and he’s about never commissioned due to his adeptness to play at 100% for the absolute 90 minutes.

Known for his tricks, his active with the brawl and able shots he can be alleged a absolute footballer, but specific examples, like Portugal adjoin Czech Republic, appearance him to be an intricate and adequate passer of the ball.

He is generally accused of arena for himself, but if you accept his aplomb and his ability, you would be absorbed to wish to see if you can yield on FIFA 15 coins players and rocket the brawl in the top corner.

There was a date of his career area he could be accused of getting egocentric but abnormally in the endure year he has become a added aggregation aggressive player, closing down, traveling aback to avert and action for the brawl due to Portugal’s and Real Madrid’s alertness to play on the adverse advance and his abrupt admiration to win.

Lionel Messi:

Position: Roaming Striker/Former Winger
People often define Messi as a player of two stages, when he was new and shiny he was free to fly up and down the wings, dribbling and marauding past players with his unbelievable pace and unwillingness to lose the ball. Now however he has become a central striker and the centre piece of Barcelona attacks, he can be found on the last man occasionally but spends most of his time dictating Barcelona’s rhythm in the final third by significantly outclassing the passing midfield or Iniesta and Xavi, which is no mean feat.

His vision, his balance, his pace and his touch are his strongest abilities where some men panic on the ball and where to pass it, he has 5 options at any one time, anywhere on the pitch, and he could play it there blindfolded and with one foot off the ground.

Though he sometimes appears more pedestrian compared to the hustle and bustle of Ronaldo’s frantic sprinting, tricks and shooting rockets but Messi is just as influential.

Talking Points:

Both players are very different, but both irreplaceable in their teams as you see by their constant name on the team sheet and rare substitutions. Messi, if anything, is more vital than Ronaldo is to his squad because he is really the only exciting thing about Barcelona, without him on the pitch they lack flair and craft. The chief difference however is Ronaldo’s adaptability, he could be successful in any team in the world as his individual ability and skill is enough, with Messi however he didn’t truly become the best in the world until everything at Barcelona became about him, it’s arguable that with different tactics in a different team he would be nowhere near as effective as Ronaldo could be anywhere.

Who wins on style of play:

Ronaldo again, he’s a more adaptable player which thus makes him an overall stronger all round footballer and he can pass just as well as Messi can, he often just opts not to which is sometimes a shame as it’s a dimension of his game we don’t often see, but when he’s replacing it with tricks and 40 yard rockets it’s forgiven.


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