Shooting in FIFA 15

Given it 3 sessions over three days, astonishing bent and bifold standards – can’t score, adversary can.

Shooting was patched hardly but still torn but arresting and goalkeeping has been patched massively so = can’t annual goals.

I anticipation this bold was abominable on absolution and said so BUT AT LEAST YOU COULD SCORE GOALS. The shoot button was even worse than now BUT if you acclimated acumen or double-tap you could score. I even denticulate with absolutely a few headers. NOT NOW. I’m starting to accede with those who say the arresting has been patched for noobs and it seems to accept been ‘helped’ a bit TOO much. I’m not a hypocrite, I didn’t abundant like the arresting on absolution BUT I got acclimated to it. But EA accept patched the arresting aback to 14 levels or worse but NOT the shooting. And now acknowledgment to the bigger keepers, scoring is about absurd in a lot of games.

Sure, I got one or two freak wins to deceive me that things were “back to normal” and that maybe I had learned how to score and just needed more matches but then any time I face a decent opponent whom I equal or create more/better chances than, I don’t win, I don’t even score. It’s not as if I am being outplayed most of the time. Most of my matches are even or I play slightly better/create better chances BUT THEY DO NOT GO IN.

UNLESS you are my opponent in which case one or two of your shots will go in and you’ll even get help from CPU-induced errors (pushing my goalie up for a corner in the last minute when I instructed no such thing, making my CBs run into each other) or refereeing decisions going one way.

In the last game I played FIFA 15 coins (30 mins anyway) he had two shots and scored both, I was clean through on his keeper twice and both got saved. You should have seen his second goal…what a lame shot and yet it went in.

Shooting in FIFA 15: HIGH. WIDE. SAVED. HIGH. WIDE. SAVED. Repeat ad nauseum.

In a match I played against a good player, I went behind to some weird and sudden burst of acceleration out of nowhere which put his striker through on my goal (of course he scored, at the other end it would have been saved) so I went crazy on pressure and attacking, I took LOTS of shots from outside the box and NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS ON TARGET. I’ve been playing since FIFA 12 (after a few years break). I know how to shoot and how shooting power works. This game is appalling, not my shooting.

In 13 or 14 at least some, probably all of these shots would have hit the goal and some corners would have resulted. I may even have scored one. But in 15….ALL went high or wide (mostly high). It’s not as if I am so stupid as to not know when to let go of the shoot power button but in 15 there is no consistency, no happy medium, I was almost tapping it but you have to hold it down in 15 or else it’s a weak, lame shot. If you do hold it down for slightly longer, it goes over the bar.

The only thing I can say “in defence” of this game is that I played a session or two on FIFA 14 and faced similar problems so maybe my account is being nerfed. But in 13 and 14 unfair losses came due to “other factors” and when that phase passed you could manage to get a few wins. This is just not happening in 15 and the broken, awful shooting has a lot to do with that. Shots don’t go where you aim them to go and when they do, they’re saved.

Generic height, middle of the goal or in the unlikely event you get it wide of the keeper but not wide of the goal, doesn’t matter, it’s still saved.

I played more than enough unfair matches in 13 and 14 so I’m not putting up with it for another year. At least in previous FIFAs I knew how to score and shots went where I wanted them to go, generally. You can’t “master” the shooting by practice in 15 because it’s so erratic, generic and oversentitive, it’s like using semi or manual, the least bit of direction you put on a shot means it goes miles wide. Put no direction on it and it’s straight at the keeper.

I’ve had enough of long spells of possession and passing and struggling to break down OP defences only to find that when I do my shots and headers will never go in (no reward) while one or two of my opponent’s will go in. It’s double standards, it’s unfair and it’s boring.

So I’m done. Boredom + unfairness + unrealism + EA nerfs the shooting just for the sake of change to make the same game engine look ‘different this year’ = I’ve had enough.

tl;dr version: too hard to score, shooting is broken, defences and goalies are supermen, opponent can score but you can’t despite having better chances, unfair and boring, I’m not playing anymore.

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