FIFA 15 Skills—New Training Content

FIFA 15 coins

Nowhere in the game’s abilities training section, basal controls, and avant-garde ascendancy will you see how to dive or “double tap joystick to dive.” That getting the case, we accept a acceptable bulk of amateur beneath our belts to accept diving may exist.

With EA introducing all new Agility and Control, Run Touch Dribbling allows players to keep the ball under control in a sprint and in close touch situations.Now, even a sprinting opponent with the ball has the ability to out maneuver the defender. The back and forth on the field has never been so physical as it is in FIFA 15.

Corner Kicks grew dried over the years. For as continued as we can remember, you had two options for advancing with a bend kick. Either apathetic cycle canyon it to addition amateur on your ancillary and try to jerk in for a attempt on goal, or high/low cantankerous it into the box for a nice one timer. Well, we’re blessed to say EA Sports assuredly put a stop to this in FIFA 15, array of.

You basically have the same options with a twist. When you line up to take the corner, you can press Down on the D-pad to bring up a tactics list for your shot. At that point, by either pressing Up, Down, Left or Right again on the D-pad, you can choose to have your players set up for different plays of FIFA 15 coins.You could have them run near or far post, take a top of the box stance or crowd the keeper for a chance to get an unblocked kick.

The lob shot is a nice card to have up your sleeve for sneaking a goal in once and a while. It isn’t one of the easiest shots to pull off for many reasons. Slow speed on the ball makes it easily blocked. The ball tends to go wherever it wants, and you really need to get your aim down with this one. Pull off a lob shot by holding LB/L1 as you shoot. This will chip the ball up into the air; it’s sort of like golf.


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