Improve future versions of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 coins

I’ve thought of brilliant ideas to help improve future versions of FUT for the better! The game needs to be deterministic with regards to building your Ultimate Team. Right now it could be considered broken because only a very select few or those that can afford to buy 1000s of packs get lucky enough to be able to build their Ultimate Team.

Of advance if your Ultimate Aggregation doesn’t crave the a lot of big-ticket players you will be agreeable already but this will still advice you because potentially you will be able to body abounding of your favourite teams!

1] Players of FIFA 15 coins and consumables charge to accept a appointed amount if listed on the market.

These prices will charge to be anxiously called and I would advance appear the cheaper levels so we all accept a adventitious at affording all our favourite players.

It’s array of like quick affairs because you accept the appointed amount as anon as you account the players on the bazaar and if they expire abundant are relisted to accommodated appeal or they expire and are removed from the game.

3] FIFA15 coins awarded from arena FUT matches are accumbent appear a ladder arrangement area we can play a lot and eventually be able to acquiesce our favourite fifa players.

This is very important as right now it’s impossible to be able to afford a popular players team for example a team based around Rooney without monotonously playing the game for months to accumulate the coins needed to afford such a team.

4] Remove gambling from the game! In my opinion the packs system is a form of gambling much like the national lottery. Millions of children play this game and this form of gambling must not be in their life! It must be removed as a matter of urgency.

In my opinion buying fifa points to open packs with the hope of being lucky is a form of gambling and it is utterly inappropriate for the age group this game is supposed to be considered suitable for.

I’ve spent hundreds of pounds learning all I can about the use of coins in the game and the FUT 15 pack system is like a lottery where the odds of pulling Messi or Ronaldo or even Suarez or Ibra or other expensive players occurs only for a tiny minority of the players. Millions of players must do without. People on here say it’s the best way for EA to make money but the fact is it’s wrong to do this to millions of customers and it needs to be addressed.

I expect EA will resolve my complaint about the gambling in this game to my satisfaction by agreeing to remove the gambling aspect from this game. I’m not yet suggesting EA should refund all the Fifa points money spent on gambling in FUT 15 but it’s a possibility. It’s simple too all EA needs to do to remove gambling from this game is to stop charging for Fifa points and allow everyone to open a predetermined number of packs for free every day with the hope of finding the cards they require to build their Ultimate Team.

5] Allow players to speed up their progress by purchasing fifa coins.

This still allows EA to make money from microtransactions and it is a generally accepted means of allowing children to buy their way up the ladder should their parents sanction the costs of doing so.


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