FIFA 15 teams– competitive game

FIFA 15 coinsI love FIFA, but I had enough with how insanely over powered teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona have become in the last 3-4 editions of the game. Now, I know they are two of the best fifa 15 teams in the world but still this doesn’t mean that they need to make them this good in game. After all at the end of the day FIFA 15 coins is still a video game, and in a competitive game, some balances have to remain in order for the experience to be fun and enjoyable.

I’ve had matches where my opponent beat me with almost zero input. A blindly long pass from his defense would almost always find his attacker who would easily overpower two or three defenders and score from a mile away. No complex dribbles, no using the bumpers for adding curvature to his shot, just having his super player automatically getting the ball to his feet, running through defenders with easy and blasting a straight shot to the upper corner of the goal.

Again, I apperceive these teams are abundant if not the greatest at the moment, but still, Ronaldo will not just run through defenders stronger than him with no effort, Messi will not overpower defenders abundant bigger than him, Bale will not account from 30 meters abroad if pressured by two defenders, Pepe is not the ultimate apostle of the cosmos. Casillas isn’t a goalkeeping god.

But at the end of the day, the bigger ache I have, is that from FIFA 12 and onwards, you can win with these teams with about no accomplishment at all. Accord Absolute to a complete noob and he will apparently accord you a run for your money afterwards a brace of matches, could cause the aggregation basically plays by itself.

I apperceive I could aces teams with lower brilliant appraisement and never accept to bother with these teams, but with the xbox one adaptation I have, not a lot of humans accept non 5 brilliant teams.

I alarm them 6 brilliant teams. I don’t use them out of principle. Ok I rarely use them lol, alone Barca like 1 out of every 50 odd amateur for a change (I feel they’re the atomic OP of the three). The bulk of advantages they get is unbelievable.

– Tackles traveling aback to their teammates, generally 2-3 times in a row, or to the amateur himself who was tackled!

– Rebounds

– AI interception beeline to through ball, lobbed or grounded, to breach the aegis and accept a 95 clip amateur one on one with the babysitter

– Constant AI interceptions in accepted

– Brawl usually seems to acquisition a amateur on their aggregation

– Headers, Corners

– Blind passes beeline to teammates

– BALL MIRACULOUSLY STAYING IN BOUNDS WHEN THEY TOUCH IT LAST, even if physics would suggests contrarily

– Players (I’m searching at you Ronaldo) consistently advance off tackles from top akin defenders, with about affluence

– Ronaldo (especially) a part of others actually traveling appropriate through a accouterment

– Receiving actual few, if any, of these allowances if application a approved 5 brilliant aggregation adjoin one of these teams

You accept to be a fair bit bigger than your adversary of you’re application a approved 5 brilliant aggregation and they’re application one of the big 3 teams. It’s a joke. The AI is basically in 5th accessory aggravating to acquisition a way to bullwork out a win for those teams.

I buttery a guy 5-1 with Chelsea vs Absolute Madrid and was talking to him on the mic all bold because he was arena like an complete ass (lobbed through balls, crosses all game). He messaged me afterwards about how his record’s bigger than abundance and he’s a top ranked amateur banausic banausic blah. He did accept a acceptable record, over a to 2-1 win/loss ration. What’s worse is that I don’t anytime blow lobbed through assurance and VERY RARELY cross. I just dribbled him to death, beeline up academy job.

I cartel any of the 6 brilliant aggregation abusers to abound a brace and alone use the approved 5 brilliant teams (City, United, Chelsea, Juve, PSG) from now on and see area that acreage you in a few seasons. Or at the actual atomic circle amid all the 5 brilliant squads (including your admired 6 brilliant gems). I agreement a lot of of these guys will get agape down 2-3 capacity just from this abandoned change.

The absolute botheration is with EA programming though. The players on these teams are already bigger and easier to dribble/shoot/pass with, don’t charge the AI alive OT to try and advice them even more.


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