Cyber Investing of FUT 15 Coins

FIFA 15 coins

In this article we will explain how you can exploit the Cyber promotion, to make many Xbox, PC, or PlayStation FUT coins. We will also provide insight into when you should sell your investments for maximum profits, before the upcoming yearly FUTmas promotion and TOTY market crash.

When should you stock up on players?
On the back of a lot of Black Friday pack offers, Cyber Monday didn’t disappoint! Throughout this Cyber Monday (the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States) we have so far seen 25k packs throughout the day (limit of 5), 15k packs at 3pm, more 25k packs at 6pm, 35k packs at 9pm and the 12am offer is yet to be announced. Players are already hovering around their lowest ever prices, and with one more highly anticipated pack offer to come (hopefully 100k packs) we can only assume that their prices are going to hit their lowest yet during FUT 15. Although in practice you will find it difficult to pick up players at their absolute cheapest, you’ll have a good chance if investing in the early hours of the morning December 2nd 2014. If you did not build a team around Black Friday then we urge you to do so around these times, as waiting a few days could result in you paying a significantly higher price.

When should you sell your investments?
The highly anticipated FUTmas promotion started on the 18th December during FUT 14, and ran for a total of 15 days. The majority of these days consisted of decent pack offers and tournaments. This promotion massively upped the supply of players and consumables, and add to this the anticipation of the TOTY, player prices inevitably fell dramatically. Therefore if FUT 15 follows the same trend, you should look to sell your investments before the 18th to make decent coins! You must also bare in mind that TOTW 12,13 and 14 will likely be fairly disappointing, and will not contain a special record breaker blue Messi card. This will decrease the supply of many players, and hopefully up prices – which is the whole idea of this investment method! Keep a lookout for pack offers too, but we can be fairly sure they won’t release huge numbers of these after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness!

Hopefully this article can gain you many FUT coins just from buying a team. If you want buy cheap fifa 15 coins and kown more news about FIFA 15,you can get it at


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