Lets Analyze To Play With A 4-3-2-1 Formati

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Choosing a formation in FIFA can be a difficult task. By understanding the player roles within the formation this task can become much easier. It is always good to choose a formation that suits your players strengths and abilities. In other words to choose the right formation you need to know the players on your team.

Lets analyze the individual pieces in the 4-3-2-1 formation.


Left and right forwards should both have very good pace as they will swiftly run down the wings on wing plays. Another important attribute for these two players is the ability to pass the ball very well.They will be supplying the striker with goal scoring passes so it is important that these players have good vision and passing as traits. Right and left forward should have high attacking and low defending work rate, therefore they will be in the attacking third of the pitch for the majority of the game. Recommended players for this position are Susaeta and Pedro Ledesma.

The Striker should have a high attacking and a low defending work rate. Important attributes for this player is pacing and shooting. A good player for this is position is Giovani dos Santos.


Right and left center midfielders should be players with great dribbling and pacing. It is important for these players to have good dribbling as a trait because they will be advancing the ball through the midfield. The right and left midfielders should have high attacking and medium defending work rates. Players who would strive in these roles are Mohamed Salah and Nicolas Gaitan.

Center midfielder’s role is to help out the defenders, therefore he should have great defending trait. This player should have a low attacking and a high defender work rate. Also another important attribute for this player is the ability to pass the ball well. A player who would fit in this position well is Luka Modric.


Right and left back should both have medium attacking and high defending work rates. The work rates mentioned are to ensure that the defenders do not run too deep into the attacking third. Important attributes for these players are defending and pacing. Suitable players for these roles are Jordi Alba and Dani Alves.

Important attributes for a good right center back should be heading and defending. This player should have a low attacking and a high defending work rate. A recommended player for this role is Medhi Benatia.

A good left center back should have a medium attacking work rate unlike the right center back. This player will often time advance to the middle of the pitch. Important attributes for this player are defending and pacing, therefore a suitable player in this role is Sergio Ramos. This player defending work rate should also be high.

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