How to choose the right kits in Fifa 15


As we all know, FIFA 15 coins players can choose the kits optionally. However,this may lead to the players’ chaos. And it is difficult for players to distinguish their own teammates from their opponents’. So how to choose the right kits becomes the public’s concern.
On the one hand, some people suggest that players can choose the kits of their club preference in real life expecting an extra incentive. But this will not work after a few matches.

On the other hand, some people think that players can choose the kits with unpopular colors. This may be a good strategy to confuse the opponents. But it will not give the players a great advantage. Because their teammates may not recognize the players.

As far as I’m concerned,the best solution is to buy a home kit and away kit with different colors to avoid the trouble distinguishing your players from the opponents’ players. Why? If you are one of the game players who doesn’t collect all the club items of the game, you will only need one home kit and one away kit. The two kits will be only active. It makes no sense to own other kits since you only may have one active home kit and one active away kit at a time. Then, the following difficulty is to choose these two kits from the thousands of kits. They are different in color, pattern and sponsor. If you like any specific kit go to the transfer market and filter by the clubs.

So be quick! And choose the right kits to distinguish your players from the opponent’s players in Fifa 15 now.

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